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It is a Herbal formulation of research based, time tested, pure organically cultivated Himalayan Herbs. The main Herbs of this formulation are Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Mandukparni, Ashwgandha, Vach, Jatamanshi, Madhuyasti, well known for their Brain tonic, rejuvenating, antistress, antianxiety, memory enhancing and memory decoding properties and clinically proven.
1. Brahmi (Bacopamonieri):- It is well reputed as Medhya Rasayan (brain tonic) and memory enhancer. The active ingredient of Brahmi is Bacoside A & B, which significantly improve acquisition, consolidation & retention in learning schedule. The major effect of the Herb is indicated in age associated memory impairment and is widely used in preventing amnesia.
2. Mandukparni (Centella asiatica):- This Herb is considered "Food for the Brain". It is said to combat stress and depression. It energizes flagging mental powers, fights senility wards off nervous break down and improves reflexes. The herb in combination in Brahmi shows better results in enhancing learning ability in school children.
3. Shankhpushpi (Convolvulous pluricaulis):- It is a rejuvenating and powerful nervine tonic. It has been found to be effective in reducing different types of stress including Psychological, Chemical & Traumatic.
4. Vach (Acorus calamus):- It is rejuvenator of the brain & nervous system, which counteracts the effect of mental stress by tranquillizing action. Vach is the best memory decoder.
Other herbs of the Brainokan are very effective in fighting stress and promote brain faculties, rejuvenate, enhance memory and remove mental irritation and psycho fears. This formulation is useful for mental, stress, depression and anxiety problems. It is a good memory enhancer and also useful in migraine and severe headaches.
Dosage:- 1 capsule twice a day with water or as directed by the physician.

Diet regime:- Avoid junk and fried food, tea, coffee etc.


It is a time tested research based Herbal formulation made from pure organically cultivated Himalayan Herbs. It is a Herbal solution for Cardiac, high BP and hypercholestermic problem and a good Heart tonic. It contains arjun, pushkarmul, shudh guggul, ashwgandha, jatamansi, tagar, paan, jungli pyaj, giloy, shankpushpi and kapoor kachri etc.
In ayurveda, these Herbs are well known for their anti-hypercholestermic, hypertensive and useful in ischaemic heart diseases. It is useful in coronary insufficiency, angina pain and dysponea.due to cardiac problems. Cardiokan is a very effective medicine to strengthens Heart, reduces bad Cholesterol, Prevents Angina Pain, Cardiac Asthama, Regulates Heart Beat & Blood Pressure.
Arjun (Terminalia arjuna):- It is well renowned Herbs for its curative properties in organic / functional heart problems like angina, hypertension, deposits in arteries etc. Clinical researches suggest that T.arjuna is useful in alleviating the pain of angina and in treating heart failure and coronary artery diseases. It is also useful in hypercholestermia and as a cardioprotective tonic. (Miller AL (1998) "Botanical influences on cardiovascular disease". Altern Med Rev. 3 (6) 422-31.
Purified Guggul (Comiphora mukul):- It is well known for its anti- hypercholestermic properties. It removes coronary thrombosis. It shows very good effect in coronary insufficiency, pericardial pain and dysponea.
Pushakarmool (Inula racemosa): - According to ayurveda it is very useful in the treatment of heart and respiratory disease. It is very effective Herb in angina pain, dysponoea and palpitation of heart.
Dosage:- 1 tablet twice a day with water or as directed by the physician.

Diet regime:- Avoid fatty diet, junk, fried & spicy food, reduce sugar and salt.

Anemia is among the most common ailments affecting human beings. It may be defined as a condition in which there is a decrease in the quantity of hemoglobin or in the no. of red cells. Nearly half the blood flowing in our veins & arteries consists of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the cells & tissues.
Approx. 100 million new blood cells are formed daily in the bone marrow. The raw materials required in the production of these cells are iron, proteins & vitamins. A red cell has life span of approx.-one hundred and twenty days and is then destroyed & replaced. Each person should have 15 gm of hemoglobin per 100 ml of blood, and blood count of approx. five million red cells per mm due to anemia person usually complain of weakness fatigue, lack of energy and dizziness- patient look premature wrinkles, dull and tired looking eyes, poor memory, shortness of breath on exertion, headache, slow healing of wounds and palpitation the skin and mucus membrane look pale.
The scientist team of Kangra herb has been formulated a formulation of " Pure organically cultivated Himalayan herbs" named as Haemokan, which is very effective remedy to cure & prevent anemia. Haemokan contains Punarnava, Bhui Amla, Makoy, Kutaki, Giloy, Jivanti etc. Haemokan are very useful in curing anemia it helps in the formation of red blood cells, strengthen the body's powers of resistance and has proved to be an excellent remedy for anemia. Haemokan correct the Liver functions and enhance absorption of Iron and Vitamins from intestine. It is helpful in formation of healthy R BCs, and checks the excess destructions of blood and correct spleen enlargement
Dosage - 1-2 capsule twice a day with water or as directed by the physician.